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Stephen Colbert Unpacks the Schadenfreude of President Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

Reeling from the harvest moon news of President Trump testing positive for the coronavirus, Stephen Colbert, a dedicated late-night worker, produced an extra Late Show on Friday in response to the headlines. Tracing Trump’s whereabouts from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the Cleveland debate stage to, well, way too many airplane rides, Colbert tried to reckon with the schadenfreude he was experiencing about the president being sick with noticeable symptoms. “I’m worried for the President of the United States,” he began. “Specifically, I’m worried that someone didn’t protect our president from this pandemic. It’s important that our president not get sick. And it’s upsetting, but not surprising, that the one who put our president in danger is Donald Trump.” Colbert continued, with punch:

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump’s recklessness put himself and those around him in danger, but what might be worse is that by doing so, he comprises the safety of all Americans. When the commander-in-chief contracts a dangerous virus, that has an effect on national security. In other words, the president has a responsibility to stay safe so we can all stay safe. Trump not wearing a mask is the most irresponsible thing a commander-in-chief has done to our national security since the night before D-Day when FDR went skydiving.

“I, for one, take no pleasure in Donald Trump being sick,” Colbert added, noting how the number of positive coronavirus diagnoses is still increasing in Trump’s Republican circle of advisors and colleagues. “Like him or not — and for the record, not — he is the president. It’s his job to run the country. That’s a tough job for anybody, and now he’s got to do it while he’s sick. I know my decisions are pretty sketchy when I’m sick.” Still, Colbert offered one suggestion to ensure Trump’s speedy recovery: Lock him up!

Colbert Unpacks the Schadenfreude of Trump’s COVID Diagnosis