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Let Sondheim Taking His Dogs on a Walk Into the Woods Soothe Your Weary Theatrical Soul

Photo: Getty Images

With rumors buzzing that Broadway will be shut down until June 2021, it’s an incredibly difficult moment in time to be a theater artist or fan. We’re truly in the middle of the woods, with no clear way out. Thankfully, the GOAT himself, Stephen Sondheim, decided to return to Instagram share one of his moments in the woods. The nonagenarian musical-theater composer and living legend decided to grace Instagram with his presence for the second time ever, posting a photo of his two dogs on a hiking trail that leads him — you guessed it — deeper Into The Woods. “The cow as white as milk; the cape as red as blood; the hair as yellow as corn; the slipper as pure as gold,” captioned Sondheim in a nod to his beloved musical. While the way isn’t clear and the light isn’t good for the theater community right about now, hearing from Stephen Sondheim in any capacity is a nice reminder that life is made of moments (even now and then a bad one) and that no one is alone. At the very least we know that Sondheim is staying physically active and keeping busy during the shutdown, building his social-media presence in an organic, genuinely adorable way. Emily in Paris could never.

Sondheim and His Dogs Head Into the Woods on Instagram