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The 355 Trailer: Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong’o Are Deep-State Lady Spies

You’ve heard it all before: An elite group of international superspies must go rogue and band together to take down a shadowy terrorist cabal that’s threatening World War III. But what if … the superspies … were … women? That’s the premise behind Jessica Chastain’s glossy new spy thriller The 355, in which she assembles a team of conspicuously gorgeous spies to act inconspicuous in flashy settings. Lupita Nyong’o reps the U.K. as she goes out for one last job. Diane Kruger is Team Germany. Penélope Cruz is a Colombian agent who doesn’t want to risk losing her family. And Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing dodges bullets like she dodges taxes. The trailer says that The 355 will be in theaters on January 15, but, I mean, I guess we’ll see.

The 355 Trailer: Jessica Chastain Is a Deep-State Lady Spy