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The Price Is Right’s Pandemic Era Will Be 77 Games and No Audience

Photo: Courtesy of CBS

You know Plinko will outlive all of us. The Price Is Right, a formative hour in sick-kid programming, is returning to production for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the film and television industry in March. Per Deadline, the game show began taping again on Monday, October 5, with heightened (and for viewers, very apparent) safety regulations: There will be no live audience, with only the four players competing in the One Bid round allowed to be in the presence of host Drew Carrey — depriving them of the “come on doooooown!” dopamine rush. Showrunner Evelyn Warfel told Deadline that, despite these visual changes to the stage, all 77 games will be back and no tweaks had to be made to the Showcase Showdown wheel (like, uh, the presence of wheel condoms) or final Showcase. “They just,” Warefel said about players, “have to sanitize their hands first.” Did you know there were 76 other Price Is Right games other than Plinko? The more you know.

Price Is Right’s Pandemic Era Will Be 77 Games, No Audience