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The Weeknd’s Big Ol’ Decapitated Head Haunts the ‘Too Late’ Music Video

The Weeknd’s sick, sick, award-winning mind (this time melded with music-video director Cliqua) continues to terrorize us in the new music video for “Too Late.” The latest in the After Hours cinematic universe, “Too Late” gets appropriately spooky and then very, very inappropriate, so hope you’re working from home. The video actually stars two bandaged fanatics who come across the Weeknd’s severed head in the middle of the street on their way home from their latest plastic surgeries. “Oh my God, is that who I think it is?” one of them, let’s call her Becky says. “Oh my God, he is so hot,” the other, probably also Becky, replies before they scoop him up into their SUV. At their mansion, they dream of the full-bodied Abel and plot to kill a male stripper for everything but his face. This guy should’ve ran when he saw that all their furniture was covered in plastic, American Psycho–style, but fine, let Becky kill you. What do they do with Franken-Weeknd once he’s all stitched up? We’d say but we’ve already begun the process of blocking it out.

The Weeknd’s Severed Head Haunts the ‘Too Late’ Video