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Maisie Williams Continues Her Old-Man Killing Streak in the Two Weeks to Live Trailer

There are plenty of jolly good ways to spend your time if you were brainwashed into thinking that you had only 14 days until the world burns from a nuclear explosion, so kudos to Maisie Williams’s character in Two Weeks to Live for finally acting on her lifelong passion: hunting down and brutally killing the man who murdered her father years prior. (Hey, our gal just loves to put a knife through wrinkly old dudes.) In the trailer for the comedic limited series, coming to HBO Max, our young protagonist is able to break away from the clutches of her mother’s (Fleabag’s Sian Clifford) doomsday compound to enjoy a much deserved jaunt around the country — especially since she just discovered that her life “is a lie.” Need a dagger? The series, which aired in the U.K. earlier this year, will stream on November 5.

Two Weeks to Live Trailer: Maisie Williams Kills Again