vulture festival 2020

Rachel Bloom Admits to Her Fifth-Grade Bully That She Was in Love With Him

Vulture Festival: a time for honesty and healing. As part of our lineup of wonderful events this week, we brought Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator, Rachel Bloom, together with her fifth-grade bully (not as a surprise! We’re not that terrible!) so that the two of them could work through some of their experiences together. Meet Zack Hillman, who was Bloom’s bully in fourth through sixth grade, though they later became friends doing theater together in high school. An important twist, as Bloom explains: “I don’t know how obvious it was, but I was in love with you.” To which Hillman admits, “It was very obvious.” The resulting pattern of behavior is a schoolyard tale as old as time: Bloom pulls close to Hillman, and Hillman pushes her away and insults her, which she then associates with love. The two of them are still working through what it all means for their lives, and to see more of that happen, you can rewatch the full event at

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Rachel Bloom Tells Her Bully That She Was in Love With Him