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Today at Vulture Festival: Whoopi Goldberg, Samantha Bee, Jerry Saltz, and a Pet Parade

Photo-Illustration: Vulture

Well, well, well, if it isn’t day four of Vulture Festival, the penultimate day of pop-culture festivities, come to roust you from your slumber like a cat that must be fed. And just a reminder that if you missed out on last night’s festivities, you’ll want to get caught up soon, as our festival ends on November 1. And once the festival ends, that’s it. It really ends. It shan’t linger in the archives of the internet for years to come, it will evaporate like a memory, leaving only a few photos and clips behind for us to treasure. So, live in the now! Embrace the festival! Watch The Baby-Sitters Club be cute as heck and Rachel Bloom’s professions of young love while you can!

And get ready for tonight, when we’ll be honoring the one and only Whoopi Goldberg with our most prestigious accolade: an Honorary Degree. We’ll be discussing her storied career and everything that makes Whoopi the cultural icon she’s been for most of our lives. Then, we’ll sit down with Rebecca Traister and Samantha Bee to discuss politics, comedy, and how one of today’s brightest minds in political comedy is actually keeping sane. And in that spirit, we’ll be healing our very souls by looking at some art with our own senior art critic Jerry Saltz. Finally, we have pets. Vulture staffers are putting on a sort of virtual pet parade for us, because we need to see some pets. Pets in costumes, pets refusing to wear costumes, just pets. So get your ticket if you haven’t already and come look at some of these pets!

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Today at Vulture Fest: Whoopi Goldberg, Sam Bee, Jerry Saltz