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A-Rod’s Reaction to World Series Game 4 Almost Makes Us Want to Watch Baseball

Sport! Photo: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“You’ve seen one baseball, you’ve seen ’em base-all” … is something we used to say, before seeing A-Rod’s truly bat-doody reaction to Game Four of the World Series, in which the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-7. Former legendary Yankee and current legendary husband to Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez appeared to lose his dang gourd live on Fox Sports after the October 24 game, breaking his usual sports analyst composure to do the greatest happy dance this side of an early-2000s Six Flags ad. While his co-hosts scream off-camera, A-Rod gets up on the commentator desk and jiggles his feet in the air while going, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” with the kind of excited, infectious energy that he normally reserves for being a wife guy. We haven’t seen someone react like this to a sports victory since Howie bet it all on KG in the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. This is how we win indeed!

A-Rod’s Game 4 Reaction Is a Case for Why Baseball Is Fun