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Adele Sells Jeans That’ll Burn Your Butt and Your Front on SNL

Beauty hurts. Nobody understands this better than the models for “Ass Angel Perfumed Jeans,” played by Adele and Maya Rudolph in Saturday Night Live’s weirdest sketch of the week. This big-haired ’80s commercial parody asks the question: What if there was a pair of jeans that made your butt smell as good as it made your butt look? You think there’s no way this concept could possibly backfire, but as Adele explains, the “awesome industrial chemicals” scented like “cinnamon-sugar swirl” might make it hurt to pee and burn holes through furniture. These noxious scented chemicals are represented in the ad by neon glitter wisps pouring out of their butts, but even that effect isn’t as funny or weird as Adele’s breathy character saying, “Ya-huh! Do not wear these jeans if you have kidney or liver problems.” As if this sketch couldn’t haunt your brain enough as it was, of course Beck Bennett sings a jingle in a glowing lilac nether-space of billowing curtains. It’s “Mom Jeans” for a deranged and dangerous, but very aesthetic, timeline.

Adele Sells Jeans That Burn Your Butt and Your Front on SNL