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Halloween Is a Competitive Sport and This Year Heidi Klum Won

No one loves Halloween the way Heidi Klum loves Halloween. Maybe Kim Petras comes close. But in a year when there are no Hallow’s Eve haunts to stunt at and no Monster Mashes to attend, what’s a high-fashion ghoulie to do? The Making the Cut host decided to reflect on the situation with the world’s highest production value home video you’ve ever seen, apologies to holo-dad. In the five-minute short, Klum tells her disappointed children that they’re celebrating Halloween at home, and proceeds to dress them up as mummies with all the toilet paper she panic-bought back in March. But when she’s on the toilet making fart and poop sound effects after some “bad sausage” she ate, and she’s all out of TP, she finds her mummified children have transformed … into real mummies! Cue three minutes of Klum’s kids chasing her around their haunted mansion while she hides herself in a suit of armor like something straight out of a live action Scooby Doo. The moral of this extremely funny and well-made story? “This Halloween, stay at home and enjoy some quality time with the family. Just try not to kill each other.” It’s campy, it’s gory, and it’s a family affair. Heidi Halloween, everybody!

Halloween’s a Competitive Sport and Heidi Klum’s Video Won