Watch Jim Carrey Transform Into Joe Biden For the First Time in This Cursed SNL Promo

Just in time for spooky season to begin, SNL has released the spookiest thing of all: Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden impersonation. On Thursday, SNL dropped the first promo for season 46, featuring Maya Rudolph’s Emmy-winning Kamala Harris impersonation and the first look at Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden. Vulture broke the news that Jim Carrey would be playing the Vice President in an exclusive interview with Lorne Michaels, who later defended the decision to bring in a big name like Carrey instead of having a cast member take over the impersonation. “Every time he’s done SNL, he’s always come through brilliantly,” said Michaels, “and I think what he will bring to this part will be stunning and possibly transcend comedy.” From the looks of it, Carrey is certainly transcending… something.

In the first promo, we watch on, helpless, as Carrey puts on his grey Biden wig and Rudolph laces up her Harris approved converse sneakers (although, Timbs would have been more appropriate.) The uncanniness reaches truly cursed levels when Carrey breaks out that Biden smile and throws on Biden’s signature aviator shades. You’ll have to tune in this Saturday, October 3 with host Chris Rock and musical guest Megan Thee Stallion to see whether Carrey’s Biden is as hilarious as it is unsettling.

Watch Jim Carrey Transform Into Joe Biden in the SNL Promo