Watch Jacob Tremblay Play a Young, ‘Lonely’ Justin Bieber in New Music Video

Did you know it was lonely at the top? If not, you should check out the music video to Justin Bieber’s new single “Lonely” with producer Benny Blanco. Bieber and Blanco dropped the music video for their collab at midnight on Friday, October 16, starring Room’s Jacob Tremblay as a younger version of Bieber, complete with his signature purple hoodie. Instead of singing, dancing, and enjoying the spoils of fame, Tremblay portrays a much more somber and, yes, lonely version of the Canadian pop star who rose to fame at the tender age of 13. Tremblay spends the majority of the video alone, sitting in an empty dressing room, sadly staring at himself in the mirror. “What if you had it all/ With nobody to call/ Well maybe then you’d know me,” Bieber croons as Tremblay fiddles with a hockey stick before taking center stage where the only person in the audience is — you guessed it — Justin Bieber, looking back at his childhood self. As both Tremblay and Bieber know, the life of a child star sure isn’t easy.

Jacob Tremblay Plays a ‘Lonely’ Justin Bieber in Music Video