The Village People Give Trump a Musical Cease and Desist on Weekend Update

There are so many musical artists who oppose Donald Trump’s use of their music as a part of his campaign, there’s a whole Wikipedia page devoted to keeping track of them all (which, mods, if you’re reading this, please add Betty Buckley to the list). Trump still dances to 70s gay anthems “Y.M.C.A.” and “Macho Man” at his rallies, so Saturday Night Live’s version of the Village People showed up to Weekend Update last night to threaten Trump with legal, and illegal, action. Kenan Thompson (the cop), Mikey Day (the cowboy), Chris Redd (the soldier), Beck Bennett (the construction worker), and Bowen Yang (the leather daddy/biker??) bust out some choreo in front of Jost and Che’s anchor desk to sing about how they’ve hired Alan Dershowitz to send Trump a cease and desist because “he knows where you’ve been, he knows what you’ve seen, on that island with Epstein”. When Jost tells them that’s an egregious accusation to make, the Village People take the next logical step for verse two: They threaten to shave Ivanka’s head. Yes, the writing’s hilarious and the performances nail it, but the real MVPs of the sketch are Bowen and Mikey’s crotchless chaps with denim cutoffs underneath, with Day’s cowboy shirt unbuttoned all the way down and Yang’s casual cat o’ nine tails ribbon choreo. Pack it up because they’ve already won Halloween for the year.

SNL’s Village People Dance Against Trump on Weekend Update