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Wendy Williams’s Lips Are No Longer Sealed After Getting Booted From The Masked Singer

Read her lips. Photo: Michael Becker/FOX

The Masked Singer, a very real show watched by millions of people that wasn’t created by Jack Donaghy to tank a network, eliminated its most recent contestant on Wednesday evening: Wendy Williams as Lips, whose wobbly, giggle-filled performance of “Native New Yorker” delighted the judges with its energy, but not so much with vocal talent. (Other top Lips guesses from the show’s fans? Sandra Bernhard, Lil’ Kim, and, for some reason, Allison Janney.) Upon her elimination, the removal of Williams’s glittery Lips required the assistance of several crew members, and the crowd went wild. “It wasn’t manageable,” Williams later told Variety about her costume, which, sadly, was never going to be an Egg reprise. “It was actually as heavy as all the other costumes. On a scale from one to ten, a 12.” And now we’re researching the cost of Juvéderm.

Watch Wendy Williams Be Revealed As Masked Singer Lips