See How Justin Bieber Is Surviving 2020 in His Next Chapter YouTube Documentary

As he has been an internationally known celebrity since he was 15, the world has seen Justin Bieber at his lowest of lows from a young age. In the first trailer for YouTube’s upcoming Justin Bieber: Next Chapter documentary, however, the singer seems like he’s doing better than ever, despite all the nasal swabs and social distancing 2020 has brought all of us.

His secret to success? Spoiler alert: It’s God. Well, a relationship with God, a lot of personal introspection, working on his marriage to wife Hailey Bieber, and some hard sit-down conversations with his parents about what it was like, exactly, to be an internationally known celebrity at 15, an experience Justin revisited in his recent “Lonely” video, in which fellow child star Jacob Tremblay plays My World–era Justin. So … just do all that, and you, too, can have a 2020 like Justin Bieber. Hopefully. Justin Bieber: Next Chapter premieres on YouTube Friday, October 30 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

See How Justin Bieber’s 2020 Is Going in Next Chapter Doc