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Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Has Been Boarded Up

Looks like a Fyre Festival tent. Photo: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times

They really did pave paradise and put up a Hollywood Walk of Fame and gave Donald Trump a star on that Walk of Fame and then boarded up that star on that Walk of Fame, huh? Many businesses and public places have boarded up their windows and storefronts in anticipation of unrest during this year’s presidential election. Most of those businesses are full of, you know, actual stealable, breakable stuff. But Variety reports that on Tuesday morning, Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame “was covered with plywood and had guardrails surrounding it, preventing people from getting too close. A sign saying ‘No public access’ was hanging on the barrier.” Trump’s Hollywood star has been a magnet for vandalism-based public protest since he began his presidential campaign in 2016. Boarding up his star is like a pettier, teensier version of the walls Trump erected around the White House earlier this year. And it looks, uh, pretty impenetrable.

Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Is Boarded Up