amas 2020

Your Knees Will Explode Just Watching Megan Thee Stallion’s AMAs ‘Body’ Set

Megan, have mercy on our joints and limbs! Photo: ABC/ABC via Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 American Music Awards performance of her new single “Body” will have you even more convinced you need to memorize the music video’s choreography. Now, when you attempt this, please keep in mind that you have been in a sitting or prone position for the last eight months and, unlike the Good News rapper, do not have the knee strength or endurance to pull it off just yet. Give yourself some time, like another year … or ten.

Start gently, with a little Hot Girl Yoga or Hot Girl Brisk Walking before you take on Megan’s absolutely knee-punishing moves, or else you will be calling your insurance company to reimburse your Hot Girl Orthopedic Surgeon. Some things are best left to professionals like Thee Stallion, who also took home this year’s Best Rap/Hip Hop song for “WAP” with her partner in limber crime, Cardi B.

Your Knees Will Explode Just Watching Megan’s AMAs ‘Body’