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Ariana Grande Assumes the Position of Mad Scientist in Her ‘34+35’ Video

Now that she’s conquered the White House, what can Ariana Grande take on next? In her new video for positions single “34+35,” the pop princess dons a white coat and takes to the lab. She’s working on creating some sort of Franken-Ari — and hitting her poses and choreography in a different, polka-dot-lit room, because she really can do it all. By the time her creation has finally been shocked to life, she’s brought her dance moves into the lab. Does the video have anything at all to do with those truly filthy lyrics to “34+35”? No. But between the science of “34+35” and the politics of “positions,” maybe the real message is that we need to get Ari on our COVID-19 response. Someone set up a call between her and Dolly Parton, stat.

Ariana Grande Is a Mad Scientist in Her ‘34+35’ Video