Cazzie David Is Still Friends With Pete Davidson, Says Thank U, Ex

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David, no relation. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Shutterstock

Here it is, another Pete Davidson blog post that’ll make you think Really? That guy? But, really, that guy is on stunning terms with Cazzie David, the writer and daughter of comedian Larry David, whom Davidson famously dumped just weeks before starting his romance with Ariana Grande. It’s absolutely the kind of breakup where you walk away saying “thank u, next” (saying not singing — this obviously predates the chart-topper), but after two years, David is actually saying “thank u, ex” both figuratively and in the acknowledgments of her new book, No One Asked for This. In a brand new profile for the Los Angeles Times, Cazzie remembers the infamous breakup she relives in one of the essays.

After two and a half years and three tattoos, David broke up with the Saturday Night Live cast member in 2018. Days later, she tells the Times, she reached out and said it was a mistake, but Davidson said he was “the happiest he had ever been” and made the breakup official two days later over text. The next day, she found out he was with Grande and he posted pictures on Instagram with his tattoos about David covered. Devastated, she “shook uncontrollably” in her father’s arms on the way to her sister’s graduation and woke up “screaming in agony” in her hotel room. “CAZZIE, COME ON!” her dad told her. “YOUR ANCESTORS SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST!”

Social media didn’t help — looking directly at some stans — but time seems to have had an effect. David says she and Davidson are friends again. He’s even read the essay in her book about the experience. “Pete,” she writes in the acknowledgements. “I love you … Your bravery inspires me and your friendship means the world to me.” She’s so fucking grateful for her ex.

Thank U, Ex: Cazzie David, Pete Davidson Are Friends Again