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Chris Evans, in Need of Attention, Playing the Piano in a Chunky Knit

Sir. Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for WIRED

Chris Evans always seems like he’s adopted the persona of a jock who’s having an emotional crisis in the third act of a high-school movie, and never more so than on his Instagram in the last few months. He’s gotten really into dog photos. He has moody thoughts about the changing of the seasons. He accidentally posted something NSFW and then pivoted into telling people to vote. Now, he’s decided to lean hard into his Knives Out persona, put on a chunky knit, and show off both his piano skills and beard on his Instagram Stories. If you happen to be the sensitive artsy woman who opened his heart back in Act One of this rom-com but have now left him on read, please get in touch with Chris. This is getting out of hand.

Chris Evans, Moody Chris, Playing the Piano in a Chunky Knit