cut for time

Cut SNL Sketch Suggests You Relax About the Election, Because It’ll All Be Fine. Unless It Isn’t.

In this week’s cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch, essentially a second beat of the show’s 2018 midterm election sketch, the SNL cast reassures you that you can go ahead, put your faith in the system, and relax about this Tuesday’s presidential election, because it’ll all be fine. Unless it really, really is not.

While its sketch predecessor merely focused on the nation’s mounting election anxiety, “Democracy PSA” actually features some handy visual suggestions for what you can do if things go south this week, like sprinting over the border into Canada, grabbing an armful of Plan B to hoard, and, of course, drinking enough wine to deadened that feeling of overwhelming dread. And, hey, if that doesn’t work out, there’s always ironing your hand.

Cut SNL Sketch Wants You to Relax: It’ll Be Fine. Or Not.