Disney Yanks Free Guy and Death on the Nile From Under Your Tree This December

Photo: 20th Century Studios

Disney might have been hoping for a Christmas miracle, but now that we are firmly in November with no major shift in the COVID-19 quarantine in sight, the studio has decided to wrap its new releases back up and put them in the closet for another holiday. Hopefully Valentine’s Day, or Mardi Gras. According to Variety, Disney has pulled Ryan Reynolds’s video game action-comedy Free Guy from its scheduled debut on December 11, and Kenneth Branagh’s extremely attractive version of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile from December 18. Neither movie has been given a new release date as of yet.

As of now, the repeatedly moved Wonder Woman 1984 stands as next month’s biggest potential release, though there is always the chance Warner Bros., too, might decide to save the superhero sequel for a future date, a date when audiences will be able to attend theaters sans coronavirus fears, and with a year’s worth of ass-kicking pent up inside their action-hungry brains. Like, for example, Mother’s Day.

Disney Pulls Free Guy, Death on the Nile From Under the Tree