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Drakeo the Ruler Drops ‘Fights Don’t Matter’ Video Days After Release From Prison

Just four days after being released from prison, Drakeo the Ruler is letting new music loose. The Los Angeles rapper dropped the video for “Fights Don’t Matter,” a new single from his upcoming project We Know the Truth. According to reporter Jeff Weiss, whose reporting helped shed light on Drakeo’s trial and who broke the news of his release, the Thank You Fizzle and Al B Smoove–produced song was recorded “three hours after leaving the Compton Courthouse—from scrawled lyrics written while caged in solitary to a video in 96 hours.” Fans are already celebrating the return of the L.A. star. Drakeo, born Darrell Caldwell was released with time served on Wednesday November 4, after striking a sudden plea deal. He was on trial for charges of criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle, for which he was found not guilty in July 2019. He was kept in jail for a year without bail based on charges claiming that his rap collective, the Stinc Team, constituted a gang. He rapped about his struggle against the judicial system in Thank You for Using GTL, an album recorded from a jail phone operated by Global Tel Link while he was held at Los Angeles County’s Men’s Central Jail, with producer JoogSZN. Watch the music video for Drakeo’s first post-release release above.

Drakeo the Ruler Drops New Single Days After Prison Release