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Drew Barrymore Sits Down for the Interview of a Lifetime: Never Been Kissed’s Josie Grossie

Why does this make us emotional? The heartfelt defense of the internet, or the gentle skirting of the whole “world-wide pandemic” thing? Is it how the segment feels like someone interviewing their own inner child? Oh, that’s right, it’s because Drew Barrymore is an actress above all things, and on Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, she took on the interview of a lifetime: herself, as her iconic rom-com character Josie “Grossie” Gellar from Never Been Kissed.

Turns out, she is Josie Grossie anymore, and since Josie’s been teleported from 1989 to the show’s quarantine filming bubble, she doesn’t know much about pop culture in 2020. For example, she’s still voting for Dukakis, has no idea how many Karate Kid movies there will be, and has never heard of Harry Styles, though if he’s anything like Jordan Knight, she’s onboard.

Unfortunately, Josie does learn pranks are huge on YouTube, social media basically runs on humiliation, and everyone in the whole world knows her as Josie Grossie. “Sounds like a high school cafeteria, but worse, ‘cause it lasts forever,” she muses. However, Drew reassures her that modern life isn’t all bad, which leads into an impassioned defense of…the internet?

“Actually, there is a lot of good there, out in the world, and because of the internet, it can actually get around a lot faster,” Drew explains. “People who love math, and all sorts of things, can find each other. People can find their people, and they can share their stories and support each other across the world. It’s pretty cool.” Aw, she’s right! The internet isn’t all bad. A video of Josie Grossie being pelted with eggs on prom night absolutely would have gone viral, but still, it’s still got a lot going for it.

Drew Barrymore Welcomes a Very Special Guest: Josie Grossie