Foo Fighters Are Ready to Call It, But Dave Chappelle Wants It to Happen Naturally in SNL Promo

Despite the fact a staff writer is probably glued to cable news 24/7, hand poised above an alarm, ready to slide down a specially-installed fireman’s pole into Studio 8H the second our new president has been declared, we still don’t know who won this week’s election. In their new Saturday Night Live promo ahead of tomorrow’s episode, however, musical guest Foo Fighters are ready call it, while host Dave Chappelle is leery of rushing into things. “Don’t do it, man,” he warns Dave Grohl. “Just let it happen natural.” Unfortunately, the enthusiastic frontman can’t help himself…from revealing how good their episode is going to be. “Best. Show. Ever,” Grohl crows.

Chappelle famously hosted Saturday Night Live’s November 12, 2016 episode, the first show following Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton four years ago. The Foo Fighters last played the show on December 16, 2017. “Damn it, Dave,” Chappelle laments at the end of the spot. “You should have let them watch it.” But, of course we will, since he’s hosting, and especially if the election does get called on, let’s say, Saturday morning? Oh, oh, or even better, Saturday afternoon.

Foo Fighters Ready to Call It in Dave Chappelle’s SNL Promo