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Happiest Season Trailer: Kristen Stewart Makes the Yuletide, Well, You Know

All that holiday season awkwardness you’re avoiding by not going home this year? It’s in the trailer for Happiest Season, Hulu’s upcoming holiday rom-com and coming out story starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. That’s because Stewart’s Abby has planned a romantic proposal to Davis’s Harper in front of her entire family during their annual Christmas dinner … until she finds out Harper’s family is under the impression that she’s straight, and that Abby is her straight “orphan roommate,” not her live-in girlfriend. “I am an orphan, but we live together as friends, like acquaintances,” she lies poorly. When the stress of the secret begins to weigh on their relationship, Abby’s first step is to call in her best friend, played by Schitt’s Creek visionary Daniel Levy. “Yes, I am very sexually attracted to her, a female,” he unconvincingly lies to Harper’s mom, played by Mary Steenburgen. Happiest Season doles out the holiday fun but only with all the real-life anxiety of wanting your family’s approval and being honest about who you are. Make the yuletide gay alongside Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Holland, and Victor Garber when Happiest Season drops on Hulu November 25. For now, listen to Tegan and Sara’s new holiday track “Make You Mine This Season,” written exclusively for the film and featured in the above trailer.

Happiest Season Trailer: K-Stew Makes the Yuletide, You Know