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Seductively Deck the Halls With This Trailer for HBO Max’s Christmas Dating Show

If you mix Bachelor in Paradise with Love Is Blind, inject it with 3, and stuff it into a stocking, ho ho ho! You’ve just found the trailer for HBO Max’s new reality series 12 Dates of Christmas. Think of the premise as kind of like Hallmark’s horny rom-com cousin: Three lucky singletons (two men and one woman, all with different sexual preferences) are whisked away to an Austrian castle “full of Christmas surprises” to date a carousel of eligible hotties, with the goal to pick one to take home to their respective families for the holidays. (Because we know you’re curious: Yes, of course there’s reindeer roaming around and ice-skating dates. What is this, amateur hour?) If the hometown visits go well, then maybe they’ll get engaged and be happy past December 31. You really never know! The show, which is narrated by Insecure’s Natasha Rothwell, will premiere on November 26.

HBO Max Is Putting a Christmas Dating Show Under Your Tree