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James Charles and Lauren Conrad Squash the Beauty Beef in a New Video

Charles and Conrad, whose last names make them sound like middle-aged accountants. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and YouTube

James Charles and Lauren Conrad have makeup-wiped the slate clean, thanks to NikkieTutorials. In a video where Nikkie gets glam with her beauty inspiration, Conrad, the YouTuber invited James Charles to the chat in order to prove to the world that things are all good between the two after Charles dragged Conrad’s new beauty brand in August. It … kind of worked? The awkwardness was palpable immediately, starting with Conrad’s computer dying right as Charles logged on. “Not a sister scandal,” Charles cries at the blank screen. “Not this again.” But from Conrad’s POV, you can see her eyes widen to her camera person. “Oh my God, my computer just turned off,” she gasped. “I’m dead!” Once she reconnected, they addressed Charles calling out Conrad’s new beauty brand for sending him a PR package full of empty products in a series of videos on Instagram, saying she “has no business” working in beauty. Conrad outed herself as the culprit in an Instagram comment afterward and Charles later apologized for “coming across as nasty.” “Lauren handled it like the absolute professional she is,” Charles says in the video. “We talked via DM, and I’m just really grateful that she was so kind and understanding.”

Conrad says she found out about the issue while she was in the front yard playing with her kids. “I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ because it’s the end of the workday,” she recalled. “I looked at this text and I was like, ‘Wait, what happened?! How did this happen?’” Her team initially thought it was a manufacturing error, but Conrad realized it was on her for sending it out. Frankly, the whole feud could’ve been solved if kids these days were given a proper education and knew that Lauren Thee Conrad inspired a generation to do winged eyeliner while on The Hills. “The Hills came before my time,” Charles tried to defend himself. “I was literally a tiny little kid when it was out.” It’s not you. The system has failed us all.

James Charles and Lauren Conrad Squash the Beef in New Video