Midnight Special Director Jeff Nichols Formally Invites You Back to A Quiet Place 3

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Given the number of gigantic, flesh-eating aliens lurking nearby, Emily Blunt’s character and her three kids might not be too thrilled to visit A Quiet Place for a third time. But visit she most likely will, now that Deadline reports Jeff Nichols will direct a third installment of the creature-feature franchise. A Quiet Place 2, written and directed by John Krasinski, as was A Quiet Place, was initially scheduled for release on March 20 of this year, but has been pushed back, like so many films have, into next year, with Paramount currently shooting for an April 23, 2021, release date. The threequel, meanwhile, will drop in 2022.

As for what truly nightmarish scenario the Abbotts (or, potentially, a new cast of characters) will have to endure in a third movie, well, it’s one birthed from the terrifying mind of Mr. John Krasinski. Director Nichols, known for Midnight Special, Take Shelter, Mud, and Loving, will write the script, based an idea from the Jack Ryan star, an idea that presumably includes people silently running in terror from the films’ homicidal Slendermen from space, at some point or another.

Director Jeff Nichols Invites You Back to A Quiet Place 3