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Jen Kirkman and Sara Schaefer Want You to Pick the Right NXIVM Documentary

If you have some time today, sitting down for this conversation with Sara Schaefer and Jen Kirkman will help you sort through a lot of those loose thoughts you’ve been having but haven’t had time to Google. The comedians reconnected on Vulture’s Instagram show Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well to discuss Schaefer’s memoir and Kirkman’s Christmas Zoom comedy show, and they also helped sort through all the issues the pandemic and the election made you forget you had. Questions like: Are there bears in the Grand Canyon? What is “Edinburgh”? What did we fail to appreciate about Nanette? And, finally, do we really need to watch multiple NXIVM documentaries? Apparently, the answer to that last one is a resounding yes, with Schaefer even reiterating her tweet from last week about how important watching Starz’s Seduced is for anyone who has seen The Vow.

“What you can tell by watching Seduced after watching The Vow is that The Vow is not telling you the whole story,” Schaefer said. “[With] The Vow, you have no idea that Keith Raniere was a pedophile,” Kirkman added. “Who was preaching that it’s okay to be one!” Also, an entirely separate but fun fact: A young Lifetime temp named Jen Kirkman used to have to regularly go to the Oxenberg family’s home in Malibu for her work on the reality show I Married a Princess and has fond memories of little India running around. What we’re saying is, she’s invested!

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