Jon M. Chu Is in Talks With Disney to Live-Action-ify Lilo & Stitch

If live action Lilo & Stitch is anything like this picture of Jojo posing with a giant Christmas Stitch… we’re interested. Photo: Getty Images

Ohana means family, and family means no Disney property gets left behind. Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu is in negotiations with Disney to direct a live-action remake of the studio’s 2002 Hawaii-scii-fii animated feature, Lilo & Stitch, according to The Hollywood Reporter. News of a remake first broke in 2018, when it was announced that the live-action Aladdin team was attached to produce. The original Lilo & Stitch is beloved by audiences for its loving, grounded portrayal of an unconventional Hawaiian family and its adorable title characters. It’s beloved by execs because, as THR puts it, Stitch is “one of the most sought-after Disney personalities in terms of merchandising.” Also, we can’t forget about drag icon Pleakley. Maybe Disney will come to its senses and rather than go with impersonal CGI, they’ll render live-action Stitch with puppetry, like a furry blue Baby Yoda. Imagine the craft, the skill, the artistry, the filmic superiority, and mostly, the cuteness.

Jon M. Chu in Talks to Direct Lilo & Stitch Remake