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Meet Late Night With Seth Meyers’s Newest Staff Writer: John Mulaney

Congrats to this guy. Photo: Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

A very promising talent just got a big opportunity on late-night television. On Tuesday night, Late Night With Seth Meyers producer Mike Shoemaker tweeted a new clip featuring Meyers alongside John Mulaney, who appeared as a guest on the show last week not long after hosting Saturday Night Live. “John Mulaney likes to work so this week he officially joined Late Night with @SethMeyers,” Shoemaker revealed. “I hope he stays for 100 years but I will settle for ‘as long as John wants’.” An NBC rep confirmed that Mulaney has, in fact, joined the show as a staff writer, and he can, in fact, stay as long as he wants. It’s true.

In Mulaney’s debut Late Night sketch shared by Shoemaker, he’s wearing the same outfit as his interview with Meyers from last week, right down to the trench coat that The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas gave him during their SNL episode together. But the segment was clearly filmed post-election, given that Mulaney discusses the apparently large role that ghosts played in the 2020 election and the work Joe Biden must have done to win said ghosts (and ghouls) over, and he also references Rudy Giuliani’s instantly infamous event at Four Seasons Total Landscaping (which is, according to Mulaney, a ghost prank by “Dead Koch Dybbuk”).

He also just makes some great points about ghosts. “Hey, America, do you believe in ghosts or not? You know? Make up your minds!” Mulaney says early in the clip. “A lot of times you hear people say ‘Oh, it felt like Pop was watching over me today when I hit that homerun!’ or ‘Oh, I could feel Mama with us when we bought the house today!’ or ‘Oh, look at that dead ghost kid in Three Men and a Baby.’ But when you actually say ‘I believe in ghosts,’ people laugh at you. And they shouldn’t laugh — they should believe!” It’s a delightfully strange six-minute clip, and if you don’t quite buy this whole “John Mulaney is a Late Night staff writer” news, well, maybe you should just start believing.

Best of luck to this new writer, and congrats to Late Night on the new hire.

Meet Late Night With Seth Meyers’s New Writer: John Mulaney