Well, It Sure Looks Like Claudia Conway Is Auditioning for American Idol

Photo: TikTok/ClaudiaMConway

It’s been a few weeks since Kellyanne Conway’s teen daughter broke the news of the former Trump advisor’s positive COVID-19 test, after generally using her TikTok account to hold the administration’s feet to the fire, but if you thought her life had returned to that of a normal American 16-year-old, well, technically you’re right, but only because reality competition shows are our birthright as a people. As TMZ reported on Sunday, Claudia Conway posted a video from a socially-distanced set, gushing about her American Idol audition and meeting host Ryan Seacrest.

“Hey guys, I’m here at American Idol confessional,” she enthuses, turning her phone to capture a waving, cheering film crew. “I met Ryan Seacrest today, and I have my audition soon. So stay tuned for that! I’m very, very nervous, but very excited.” As USA Today points out, the show is currently holding auditions for their upcoming season, set to premiere Sunday, February 14. Unlike Trump, it seems Kellyanne’s daughter decided to become a national talking-point before doing reality TV.

It Sure Looks Like Claudia Conway Is Auditioning for Idol