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Somehow, Lana Del Rey Managed to Make Election Night About Her

She “won’t not fuck you the fuck up.” Photo: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

We interrupt this election coverage to bring you Lana Del Rey’s problems. The singer was active across social-media platforms last night, broadcasting live from a Denny’s on Instagram and then hopping over to Twitter around 1 a.m. PT to … cuss out a fan? It was a tense night for many. Tuesday evening, she started streaming from a Denny’s outdoor dining tent, discussing election non-results with her rumored boyfriend, Clayton Johnson. During the Live, she had good news and bad news. Bad news: Chemtrails Over the Country Club, her forthcoming album, is delayed a whopping 16 to 17 weeks due to backlogs at vinyl pressing plants, which she claims are not reopening until March 5. So, in the meantime, the good news: She’s putting out a digital album of “American standards and classics” in time for Christmas. As a teaser, she reveals Chemtrails is completely finished — Jack Antonoff has been freed — and it’s “folky, super different from Norman,” her most recent album, Norman Fucking Rockwell. Later that night, she posted her a cappella rendition of soccer anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from a new documentary about Liverpool FC to Twitter, and you’d think that would be the last we’d hear from Lizzie Grant for the night, especially this night. But as soon as she uploaded the cover, she started replying to a conversation between two stans speculating that she voted for Trump.

“Go. Fuxk. Yourself,” she replied, straight up. The fan was shocked. “Lana telling me to go fuck myself when I have her tattooed on my arm lmfaoooo alright then,” they tweeted, adding, “I honestly think I’m gonna have to [unstan]. It’s just really hard.” But Lana wasn’t even done eviscerating this person. “Bro. I’ve been waiting for u to [unstan],” she responded to the convo again. “Do it.” She added, “Nah read what u wrote hoe,” with seemingly no inclination as to why fans might assume she voted for Trump … all while not actually admitting whom she voted for. When the fan deleted the tweets, Del Rey replied with a screenshot. She also called another fan “stupid” for tweeting part of the livestream where Del Rey noted “a lot of red” on the map. “I know lana is anti trump and my goal wasn’t to call her out or whatever,” the fan tweeted afterward. “Once again, I’m sorry.” Many had been questioning Del Rey’s vote, asking her to settle their arguments; she opted to call one a “hoe” instead of just logging off — a fun and not at all hostile relationship to have with your fans in the lead-up to two album releases! “So, thanks for everything, all your support, and thanks for buying me my meal at Denny’s and my shit at Home Depot,” she ended her Live last night. “Thanks for that, kids.”

Somehow, Lana Del Rey Managed to Make Last Night About Her