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Leslie Jones Says Waiting for 2020 Election Votes to Be Counted Is Like an STD Test

Supermarket Sweep host and Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones was a guest on last night’s Late Night, and when Seth Meyers asked her how she’s handling the torturous suspense that is waiting for all of the presidential-election votes to come in, she illustrated her emotions with a pretty solid comparison. “It’s like waiting on an STD test: Do I got it, man? Do I got it?!” she said. “But you’re feeling like you probably don’t have it — is that where we’re at right now?” Meyers asked while laughing, to which Jones responded, “I’m feeling like the test is gonna come back my way.”

Jones also has strong feelings about John King and Steve Kornacki’s magic-map coverage on CNN and MSNBC, respectively. “I hate them weathermen,” she told Meyers, adding that she finds joy when they press the wrong buttons (“‘Cause you’re trying to be impressive, and you’re not impressive!”) and absolutely hates when the camera follows them as they “cross the floor” in the studio to talk to another news anchor (“It makes me wanna … You’re not important! And you’re telling me the same thing you told me five seconds ago!”).

Another thing Jones hated, unsurprisingly, was Donald Trump’s speech on Election Night — the same one that Savannah Guthrie had to interrupt live on NBC due to his inaccurate claims. “Have you ever just seen a kid that is just mad because somebody don’t like them? Like he had this little paper and everything; he was like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna take this to court!’” Jones said. “And I’m just like, Ugh, get out please! Please just get out!” While Jones appreciated Joe Biden’s speech calling for the American people to be patient, she did offer one suggestion to speed up the results: “Seth, can we get American Idol to help them get the results faster? How American Idol can get they stuff in one night and we can’t?” Excellent point — must be looked into.

Leslie Jones Compares the 2020 Election to an STD Test