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We Pledge 100 Percent Allegiance to Lizzo’s Election Day Instagram

Read her words today, tomorrow … however long it takes for them to stick. Photo: Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

American treasure Lizzo has written about her feelings on patriotism and progress in an eloquent, honest Instagram post shared on the morning of the U.S. presidential election, when so few among us have the words. “When I think of this country I don’t think of its laws I think of its people,” she begins. “I think about how we were raised to be patriotic of violence, propaganda & war. I think about how this country is owned by the oppressor and how the oppressed are locked in a valley of capitalism.” But Lizzo has hope, she writes, because of “the young people who refuse to be spoon fed mistruths” and “the elders who bucked against hateful prejudices even when it felt impossible.” The singer goes on to explain that her vision of America is a country that “listens to the cries of the protester” as well as “[respects] the communities of people who owned America before colonizers renamed it.” Seemingly alluding to the recent confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Lizzo advocates for a separation between church and state, writing, “Let religion live in the churches and places of worship … the quiet prayer rooms, the joyful congregations … and out of Congress.” Lizzo ends her post, which includes a transcendent picture of her wrapped in the American flag, with a reminder to vote today, adding, “I believe in so much, and if I believe it one day I can see it.”

We Pledge 100% Allegiance to Lizzo’s Election Day Instagram