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Matt Berry Is Bringing His Much-Hated Actor, Steven Toast, to America

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Attention fellow Berries (a name I just came up with for us, the Matt Berry stans), our king has returned. Arthur Mathews, co-creator of the Berry-led comedy Toast of London, revealed in an interview with Chortle that there is a spinoff of the series expected to be shot sometime next year. Toast in America will see our hero heading to Hollywood (actually, it will be a Hollywood facsimile built on a soundstage in Great Britain). “Quite a lot is written — there’s five years’ worth of material!” Mathews told Chortle. “I had nothing to do in 2016 for some reason, so I wrote a few episodes of Toast in case it ever came back.” And if you’re wondering why it’s been five whole years since our last serving of Toast, well, according to Mathews, it’s because Berry has been … bery busy. Between filming Year of the Rabbit, What We Do in the Shadows, and being an actual recording artist, our viscount of voice-over has apparently not had the chance to work on Toast or any of the various projects we at Vulture have selected for him. (He did, however, bless us with a short series of Steven Toast audio vignettes during the early days of lockdown, because — in case I haven’t made this clear — he is a prince.) While it sounds like he’ll be making time for this, will the universe actually allow us a coronavirus vaccine, a new president, and a new Matt Berry show in 2021? Hopefully, but let’s all be extra good for the next few months, just in case.

Matt Berry Is Finally Bringing Steven Toast to America