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NBC’s Finding Forrester TV Series Hoping to Discover Who’s the Man Now, Dog

Photo: Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Finding Forrester? Why, we haven’t thought of that name in years. According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC is currently developing a TV version of the 2000 Gus Van Sant drama that inspired the name of an iconic early meme site and showcased the acting talents of Blindspot’s Rob Brown, as well as the dramatic range of the late Sean Connery. Brown starred as a Black high-school writing prodigy who unexpectedly becomes the mentee of a reclusive white author, played by Connery.

The new TV adaptation, from T.J. Brady and Rasheed Newson and executive produced by NBA star Steph Curry, will reportedly “follow the bond between two gifted Black writers. One is a homeless 16-year-old orphan who leverages his basketball skills to hustle his way into an ultra-competitive elite boarding school, and the other is a reclusive lesbian author whose career was ruined by a public scandal.”

Finding Forrester TV Series to Ask Who’s the Man Now, Dog