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Neal Brennan Gave Chris Rock an Original Artwork by Rachel Dolezal

Celebrities, like many other very rich people, enjoy art. Many collect it. Some, like Jim Carrey and EmRata, create it. And then there are those who prank their friends with it. On the Thursday, November 26 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Chris Rock showed off a very large artwork given to him by comedian Neal Brennan. Brennan “sent me a piece of art last week by this new great artist. And I want to show you this piece of art.” Rock held the print up to the camera, showing off its vivid colors. It’s hard to make out exactly what the subjects are, or what the medium is, through Rock’s Zoom camera; we’ll go with ‘acrylic photograph of villagers in green fields, facing a wall, with either a stick or an iguana in the bottom right.’ Rock continued, “Beautiful, right? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.” Rock then turned the canvas around. “I hang it up, and the artist’s name is Rachel Dolezal. I have an original Rachel Dolezal in my hallway.” So if you’ve been wondering where Dolezal has been since the Netflix documentary about her, she’s been selling art online to Neal Brennan. Somehow, nothing about that is surprising?

Neal Brennan Gave Chris Rock Original Art by Rachel Dolezal