Steve Carell’s Space Force Returning to Netflix for a Second Mission

Photo: Netflix

We’re coming up on a year since the actual Space Force was officially made an independent military branch in December 2019, and while we might not see the fruits of that decision for a long, long time to come, Netflix’s Space Force is blasting off on its sophomore mission, with the streaming platform renewing the Steve Carell series from Greg Daniels for a second season on Friday. Norm Hiscock will come aboard the comedy as co-showrunner, while Space Force actor Jimmy O. Yang will also join the show’s writing staff for the upcoming season.

The first season of the Netflix show premiered on May 29 to mixed reviews, to put it kindly. In their Vulture reviews, Jen Chaney lamented Space Force as “a massive misfire, a show shocking in its inability to generate modest chuckles, let alone laughs,” while Alison Willmore found the series “just terribly middling.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s production, currently set to resume sometime next year, will be moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, “in a bid to reduce the show’s budget.” So, if we have to blast off into space again, at least this time, we won’t be breaking the bank.

Space Force Will Return to Netflix for a Second Mission