Drake Gets ‘Stamp of Approval’ to Play President Obama in Any and All Biopics

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Devon Terrell portrayed a college-aged Obama in director Vikram Gandhi’s film Barry, and Parker Sawyers played Barack as he wooed future wife Michelle on their first date in Richard Tanne’s movie Southside With You, but if a filmmaker is currently laying the groundwork for a new biopic about the 44th president, maybe based on his new memoir, A Promised Land, there’s at least one actor who has a rubber stamp from the man himself, and that actor is Drake.

“I will say this: Drake seems to be able to do anything he wants,” President Obama said during his recent episode of Complex’s 360 With Speedy Morman. “I mean, that is a talented, talented brother. So, if the time comes and he’s ready …”

Pressed by interviewer Morman if the rapper has his official stamp of approval for the role, Obama said, “Drake has, more importantly I think, my household’s stamp of approval. I suspect Malia and Sasha would be just fine with it.” Might be a little distracting for the audience, but then again, you never forgot for a second that was Lady Gaga on the screen during A Star Is Born, and she still got an Oscar nom. And that’s not even considering all the Best Original Song possibilities …

Drake Gets ‘Stamp of Approval’ to Play Obama in Any Biopics