Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling Pauses Production After Crew Member Tests Positive for COVID

Photo: WireImage

Don’t worry, darling, but do quarantine for 14 days. Deadline reports New Line has halted production on Olivia Wilde’s forthcoming film Don’t Worry Darling after a crew member tested positive for COVID-19. Despite following strict COVID-19 protocols, a positive test emerged during routine COVID-19 tests, resulting in a temporary shutdown of the film, which is currently shooting in downtown Los Angeles. While the studio would not reveal who on set tested positive for COVID-19, it is reportedly not a member of the principle cast. The psychological thriller, which follows California housewives in the 1950s, stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Harry Styles, Kiki Layne, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, and director Olivia Wilde, all of whom are quarantining for 14 days, so don’t expect Harry Styles to magically appear at your house and feed your fish anytime soon. No one else on set has tested positive for COVID-19 as of yet, and production is expected to begin again in about 14 days. In other news, earlier this week America reported over 100,000 new COVID cases in a single day, so, yeah, probably still a good idea to wear a mask. If you don’t, we may never get to see Florence Pugh as 1950s-era housewife with a dark secret, and that would be a damn shame.

Don’t Worry Darling Pauses Production Due to COVID-19