election 2020

Patti Smith Busked at the Polls to Remind You All Who Has the Power Today

The most exciting moment at your local polling place might have just been that they ran out of “I Voted” stickers and had to hand you a “Future Voter” one — just speaking theoretically here — but you also could have walked past an impromptu Patti Smith performance. On Election Eve, Smith set up shop on the streets of New York to sing “People Have the Power” alongside longtime band member Lenny Kaye and to remind the people of the sentiment expressed in the title of that song: “People have the power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the world from fools.” (Smith also deployed the song earlier this year for a nonprofit organization, Pathway to Paris, focused on climate change.) Elsewhere in the city, celebrities like Paul Rudd have also made appearances encouraging voters, and even handing out cookies in the rain. Again, not that just getting a sticker is unappreciated (we love a sticker), but!

Patti Smith Delivers Rare Election Joy Busking Outside Polls