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Don’t Play Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones’s Normal People Drinking Game If You Want to Live

Photo: Enda Bowe/Hulu

We know that Paul Mescal and his Normal People co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones are close, but they haven’t had any classic Marianne and Connell after-school intimate hangs since the pandemic began for social-distancing reasons. So even though the Sally Rooney miniseries premiered back in April, Mescal and Edgar-Jones were only able to binge the series together recently. In an interview with British GQ, Mescal told the magazine that he and Edgar-Jones came up with a drinking game for the aching, melancholy series, and knowing what we know about Normal People, it sounds deadly:

“‘… so last week we got together and watched the whole thing through. We actually ended up playing a little drinking game: every time Connell wouldn’t complete a sentence or any time Marianne would make an emphatic statement that made Connell uncomfortable we did a shot. We ended up talking over most of it, just reflecting on particular days, costume changes, memories. It was very special to get to do that with her. The thing we shared – will always share – is so unique.’”

… so basically every line of dialogue. That’s not binge-watching. That’s binge-slainte-ing.

Don’t Try Connell and Marianne’s Normal People Drinking Game