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Pharrell Finally Ready to Reveal How He Gets His Skin So Unnaturally Good

50 going on 15. Photo: WireImage

Have you ever wondered how the perpetually ageless Pharrell Williams manages to continue looking like Jaden Smith’s slightly older brother even though he’s fully 47 years old? Well, lucky for you all of us, he’s finally dropping his skin-care routine. On Wednesday, the “Entrepreneur” singer announced that his latest business venture is Humanrace, a skin-care line. Humanrace drops on November 25, so just in time for the holidays, you and your loved ones can take a sip from the fountain of youth that Pharrell has been drinking from for almost half a century. He announced his new wellness venture with dermatologist to the stars Elena Jones on social media with a photo of himself holding the chic but simple packaging with the caption “Proud dad moment.”

“Sometimes you need to cleanse your spirit. Sometimes you just need to cleanse your mind. Sometimes you’ve just got to get rid of some dead skin,” Pharrell told Allure. Ain’t that the truth. The products contain fancy ingredients like kaolin clay, glycolic acid, and snow-mushroom extract (whatever that is!) and are packaged in tubs made from 50 percent postconsumer recycled plastic with a removable inner chamber that can be exchanged for a refill, so he’s keeping things sustainable. The first products from Humanrace are Rice Powder Cleanser ($32), Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator ($46), Humidifying Cream ($48), and Routine Pack ($100). Who needs fillers and face-lifts when you’ve got a lotus-enzyme exfoliator? (Hint: Most celebrities do.) In any case, soon you can supplement your nightly skin routine with a dose of new beauty influencer Pharrell’s Humanrace. Looking forward to a Humanrace x Fenty collab in the near future.

Pharrell Ready to Reveal How He Gets His Skin So Good