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Rock Hall of Fame Permanently Pushes Future Ceremonies to Fall Due to COVID-19

Stevie Nicks, performing during 2019’s live induction. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2020 induction ceremony rolling over twice before settling on its November 7 “exclusive special” on HBO, the coronavirus pandemic has now affected the annual boomer event in more ways than just one virtual dalliance. During a recent interview with Vulture, Joel Peresman, the president and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, confirmed that the induction ceremonies will permanently occur in the fall moving forward, as opposed to its standard spring fling. “We moved the timing of the ceremony. We’re going to move the ceremony permanently so it’s in the fall of each year because of COVID,” Peresman explained. “We’re also moving the nomination process. Normally, the nomination process starts in September, we announce the nominees in October, and then we announce the inductees in January. This time the nomination meetings will happen in January, so we’ll announce the nominees in February and start that voting process then.”

While it’s too early for Peresman to issue a verdict of what the Rock Hall’s 2021 induction will look like, he says that the Hall is “hopeful by next fall in some form that we’ll be able to get together again.” He also acknowledged that, yes, a virtual COVID-19 ceremony might be generating less excitement than wildin’ out to the Doobies and Nine Inch Nails in the mezzanine section, but viewers should still expect a “great, respectful, and fun” special worthy of the inductees. “We felt so badly, and I know a lot of the inductees did, too,” Peresman said. “This was their moment to be onstage with their bandmates and their families and friends to celebrate this moment. It was devastating to us and for them to be able to not have that live moment.”

Rock Hall Pushes Future Ceremonies to Fall Due to COVID-19