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Roy Wood Jr. Was Really Going Through It on The Daily Show Tonight

If, somehow, you were able to pull your eyes away from the adorkable Steve Kornacki tonight, you may have found yourself in Trevor Noah’s “fallout shelter” for a very special live edition of The Daily Social Distancing Show. Yes, Trevor Noah hosted a very special 2020 election edition of the The Daily Show from a fully equipped fallout shelter, complete with hand sanitizer, canned goods, toilet paper, board games, molly, a boombox, and even more hand sanitizer to disinfect the initial bottles of hand sanitizer, of course. While Noah had to stay relatively chipper throughout the one-hour special, his righthand man, comedian Roy Wood Jr., really captured the vibe of the nation as we waited with bated breath for the election results to trickle in. Seated on a couch beside Noah, Wood Jr. kept it incredibly real during the one-hour special, reaching into his special Election Day reserves and pulling out two bottles: one full of tequila and one full of his own urine. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know which one is which. Welcome to Election Night 2020, Wood!

But Wood wasn’t the only correspondent on the show tonight. The full Daily Show correspondent team was out in full force with Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Michael Costa, Ronny Chieng, Jaboukie Young-White, and Jordan Klepper all popping up from various locations ranging from the “Trump White House” to a hospital room hooked up to an IV. While some correspondents like Klepper and Cheng took to the streets to interview the electorate, Young-White unsuccessfully tried put himself into a coma before Election Night results came in, telling Noah “I’ll see you in February” before snuggling up and getting cozy under his weighted blanket.

Unlike Young-White, Wood stayed awake, for better or worse, throughout the entire ordeal, sometimes curling up in the fetal position on the couch, and at other times doom-scrolling as Noah interviewed guests Don Cheadle and writer and professor Tressie McMillan Cottom about the state of the union. You can log off, Wood, because from the looks of it we’re not going to know the results for a little while.

Roy Wood Jr. Was Going Through It on The Daily Show Tonight