Search Party Sets Off From HBO Max in January 2021

Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max

You know New York; there’s always a new Search Party to go to. HBO Max announced the fourth season of the dark comedy series will premiere on its new streaming home in January 2021. Of course, this time around the search is not for Chantal Witherbottom, but for Alia Shawkat’s Dory, who got to enjoy her freedom for a few hours, having been found innocent of the death of Keith Powell before being kidnapped by her stalker Chip, played by Cole Escola.

Not that her friends immediately realized she had been taken. John Early’s Elliott was busy becoming a far-right conservative talk show host, John Reynolds’ Drew threw himself into his new job as a costumed theme park mascot, and Meredith Hagner’s Portia is starring in a movie about their murder trial as, of all people, Dory. Despite their busy lives, eventually the trio “to connect the dots that Dory might not be touring Europe as her faked social media posts suggest” and, eventually, set out in search of their missing friend.

This season’s guest stars includes Susan Sarandon as Chip’s wealthy aunt Lyla; Busy Philipps as actress Donna DiMarco, who portrays Portia in the film version of their trial, Ann Dowd as Paula Jo, Chip’s nosy. Christmas-obsessed neighbor, Griffin Dunne as pastry company CEO Richard Wreck, and Lillias White, a famous talk show host obsessed with Chantal, portrayed by Clare McNulty. Children’s horror author R.L. Stone will appear in a cameo.

Search Party Sets Off From HBO Max in January 2021