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SNL’s Emily Spivey Describes Her Two ‘Worst, Most Delicious Bombs’

Bless the Harts creator Emily Spivey was a guest on last night’s Late Night, and since she’s a fellow Saturday Night Live alum like Seth Meyers, the conversation of course turned to SNL war stories. And when Meyers name-checked his occasionally recurring segment “Second Chance Theatre,” Spivey was prompted to look back on two sketches that would qualify — or as Meyers put it, her “worst, most delicious bombs.” The first, titled “Chicken McNugs,” was written for host Matt Dillon’s episode in 2006, where Dillon played a “hotshot boyfriend” to a “girl with lots of cats and scented candles” played by Rachel Dratch, who goes to McDonald’s immediately after their breakup, orders “500,000 chicken McNuggets,” and then, somehow, the whole thing turns into a musical. “I’ve never seen Lorne so angry,” Spivey told Meyers, looking back on the reception to the sketch. “It was one of those things where he was so upset — and by the way, I was upset too; I don’t blame Lorne — but he threw the headset on the floor.” Spivey said she stormed out of 30 Rock afterward, but right before getting into a cab she was called back in to see Lorne, who apologized to Spivey for how it all went down. “The whole thing was a disaster,” she told Meyers.

Spivey told Meyers about another delicious bomb that starred Maya Rudolph as a child actor, which apparently played so badly that Lorne Michaels told her it was “almost Brechtian.” “I was like I don’t really even know what that means, but I know it’s not good,” Spivey said, adding that she is responsible for many more bombs, a.k.a. “so many hot farts,” during her time at SNL.

Stay tuned for the end of the clip, too, if you want to hear a story about Colin Jost always coming into the SNL office with a wet shirt that showed his nipples, which prompted Amy Poehler to pass Spivey a note one time that said “I like Jostie in the arm area.” “Listen, Seth,” Spivey said. “Is Jost okay? ’Cause I’m worried. Can he find a girlfriend? How is his career going?” Meyers, of course, reassured her: “I think he’s doing just fine.”

SNL’s Emily Spivey on her Two ‘Worst, Most Delicious Bombs’